About Us – Who We Are

Faced with an ever-increasing array of product choices, how can consumers ensure that the products they buy are safe, reliable, high quality and provide the best value for money? Inspired by Consumer Reports in the United States, an independent expert consumer reference to products since 1936, MingJian was founded on March 15, 2010 (World Consumer Rights Day) in response to the melamine in infant formula and growing number of product safety scandals in China. MingJian is an independent organization dedicated to helping consumers make informed purchase decisions and get the best value for their money by providing independent, expert lab test ratings of products.

How We Test

When it comes to product ratings, no one tests like we do. Every product we test is shipped overseas to Europe or the United States, where they are subjected to rigorous scientific testing in state-of-the-art laboratories overseen by leading experts in their field. Our testing procedure is tightly controlled to ensure that every product type is assessed in exactly the same way, so test ratings are directly comparable across product models. We test thousands of products each year ranging from child car seats and cosmetics, to smartphones and speakers.

Global Testing Collaboration

MingJian is a licensed member of International Consumer Research and Testing (ICRT). ICRT is the global consortium of consumer organizations from 36 countries dedicated to carrying out joint research and testing in the consumer interest. Applying the combined experience of the more than 6,000 comparative testing professionals from our ICRT partners and collaborating with over 100 of the top global laboratories ensures that we offer consumers the highest level of consumer testing available globally.

How MingJian differs from other product review sites

  1. Independent. We work exclusively in the consumer interest. We accept no advertisements to ensure our independence. The products we test are purchased at retail by mystery shoppers, consumers just like you, as opposed to evaluating manufacturer samples.

  2. Expert. Our test reports are not swayed by marketing hype, they are the result of rigorous scientific testing conducted by product experts in top global laboratories in Europe and the United States. For each product category we provide an explaination of our testing methodology and often have videos of how the products are tested in the laboratory.

  3. Comparative. As all of the products in a category are subjected to an identical battery of tests applying a consistent rating scale, the ratings are directly comparable across products.